Nuts & Dried Fruits
All Nuts and Dried Fruits are distributed by Wricley Nut Co. and packed especially for Plymouth Produce.
Product name Manufacturer Catalog number Quantity per unit Price Quantity
  Vegetable Chips  Wricley Nut Co.  300122   8.00oz  $4.25  
  Walnut Halves  Wricley Nut Co.  300035  12.00oz  $4.99  
  Walnut Meal  Wricley Nut Co.  300110   8.00oz  $1.99  
  Walnut Pieces  Wricley Nut Co.  300037   8.00oz  $3.99  
  Walnuts - In Shell  Wricley Nut Co.  300115   1.00lb  $3.99  
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